LABC invited to participate in Hackitt review

Local Authority Building Control (LABC) has announced that it has been invited to participate in the Hackitt review into building regulations and fire safety that has been set up in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

The review will feature six groups that would help to find innovative solutions to the gaps that exist in buildings regulations. All six groups will be expected to report their recommendations to the review panel by the end of March with a view towards a final report being released in the Spring.

Led by Dame Judith Hackitt, the review group has already published an interim report that suggests that current regulations are not fit for purpose. The report states that the way the industry is currently set up allows for shortcuts to be taken and that the review is designed to rebuild confidence in the industry. She discusses the need for a new intelligent system of regulation and enforcement for high rise and complex buildings to encourage everyone to do the right thing.

The LABC will contribute to three of these groups - the design, construction and refurbishment group, the competencies working group and the regulation and guidance group. The three groups are focused on how building safety can be embedded into the design and construction phases of the building process, how building owners can ensure compliance throughout the life of the building and how product testing and marketing can be improved.

The LABC will be represented by Deputy MD Lorna Stimpson on the competencies workshop, Commercial Director Martin Taylor on the design, construction and refurbishment group and Director of Technical Policy Barry Turner on the regulation and guidance group.

Lorna Stimson has stated that the LABC is committed to the highest possible standards and effective building regulations and that these working groups will inform the Harkitt review and the LABC welcomes the opportunity to add their expertise to the deliberations.