Easiest places to get planning permission revealed

The home improvement firm Everest has released data that shows that the easiest place in the country to get planning permission is the City of London, while those living in Harrow may find it a little more difficult to have their plans approved.

The figures which are shown on the Ministry of Housing government website show that 99% of planning permission sought for minor home improvements (up to one hectare in size) are approved in London. This is followed by Wigan and Exmoor National Park at 98% and 97% respectively. Meanwhile, those living in the Broads, Sefton or Middlesborough will only have a 95% chance of success. The least successful areas included Harrow with 54%, Luton at 62% and Maldon with 64%.

The data indicates that despite more planning permission applications being accepted than ever before, 34% of homeowners have said that they found the process difficult and 32% found that it took a minimum of three months to have their application approved. 25% said that their application was denied three or more times before they were successful.

Overall, 88% of all planning permission applications were approved during the year to September 2017 - an increase of 6% in the last ten years. The main reason for permission to be denied was found to be due to concerns over loss of privacy or overlooking with 42% facing this issue. 25% said that they had neighbour complaints while 26% found their application refused due to parking restrictions. 65% did say that their neighbours were fully supportive, however.

The government has recently made changes to planning permission rules to encourage upwards growth on buildings - making it even easier for homeowners to get the home they want without moving.