Green Deal: Replacement windows

Replacement windows are covered by the Green Deal.
Replacement windows are covered by the Green Deal.

Craig Dodsworth of Planitherm glass answers your Green Deal replacement windows questions.

My home has cavity wall insulation and loft insulation but it’s very draughty around the windows. I am keen to get them replaced, but I think it could be an expensive job, so I’m considering taking advantage of Green Deal finance. Are replacement windows covered under the Green Deal, and how does it work?

Yes, new windows are an eligible measure under the Green Deal. The Green Deal is focused on making British properties more energy efficient by improving their thermal efficiency. Windows account for 26% of the heat loss in the home, so are a key Green Deal measure.

To gain funding for new windows under the Green Deal, you will first have to approach a Green Deal Provider, who will arrange for an approved assessor to audit your home and confirm the range of energy saving measures that could be installed. The Green Deal Provider will then arrange finance and, upon your decision to proceed, will organise for an approved installer to carry out the work.

Under the Green Deal ‘golden rule’, the cost of the measures must be paid back over time through a surcharge on your lower energy bill. Not all homes will qualify for new windows and assessment will be dependent on the energy usage of each individual home.

It’s worth noting that Energy Company Obligation funding is also available for those on low incomes or those who require more expensive measures to insulate their homes. Green Deal loans can also be used to part-fund larger projects.

I am hoping to get my windows replaced under the Green Deal. They were fitted prior to 2002 and I’m aware that newer double glazing is much more energy efficient. When I get my new windows, what sort of glass should I specify, and how much should I expect to save on my energy bills as a result of the upgrade?

If you are wishing to replace the windows in your home under the Green Deal, you will need to get an assessor to audit your home first. Once this has been completed, a Green Deal provider will offer a Green Deal finance package to you and, once you decide to proceed, will arrange for approved installers to carry out the work.

Make sure you request that your new windows are fitted with a low-E (low-emissivity) glass. This type of glass is the most energy efficient glass available due to a special coating that helps to retain radiated heat in a room and also capture free energy from the sun to help heat the room further. Installing Low-E glass can also help you to meet current Building Regulations.

Low-E glass costs about the same as regular glass, so it really is worth knowing what you are asking for to get the most out of your new windows. Replacing windows with high performance glass can save you up to 28% on your energy bills too, so your home will feel noticeably warmer and more comfortable.

The Green Deal is aiming to use “energy-saving measures” to improve the energy efficiency of homes in the UK – does the Green Deal include new double glazing?

Yes, the Green Deal does cover double glazed windows. Further to this, the scheme also includes insulated doors, cavity wall, flat roof, loft and solid wall insulation and various other measures.

There is a good opportunity here to educate the general public about the benefits that energy saving glass can have on the overall insulation of a building.

Astoundingly, despite what other insulation materials you may have installed within your property, such as cavity wall insulation, should your windows not be energy efficient, a quarter of your home’s heat energy could escape from your windows resulting in cold spots and drafts.

Fitting energy efficient double glazing can significantly reduce the energy consumption of your home, and as such you could benefit from savings of up to 28%mon your household energy bills. Installing energy efficient windows not only reaps great savings, it can also improve the appearance and comfort of your home too!

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